What now?

2005: 67-95
2006: 67-95
2007: 68-94
2008: 67-95
Another October, another year for Pirates fans to sit around and watch other teams play meaningful baseball. That likely means we will have quite some time without any interesting Pirate-related news to ponder. So let’s dive into some 2008-in-review posts.
Here’s what you can expect in the upcoming weeks at the Lumber Co. We’ll start with a brief series entitled Under the Radar. We’ll take a look at a few stories from the past year that didn’t seem to generate a whole lot of attention, at least from what I saw. While we were extensively debating Nate McLouth’s defense, Adam LaRoche’s dramatic half-season splits and Nyjer vs. Pearce, these topics generally received only casual remarks.
Next, I hope to talk about each individual player and his 2008 season. I’m not sure if I will get through everyone, but we’ll give it a shot.
The Lumber Co. will remain busy throughout the playoffs and right into the offseason. There is still much to discuss.


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  1. Tony In Erie Says:

    I happened to notice that.
    Rewind to late July, the Bucs were around 5 games under .500 and things were still good. I happened to glance at the refrigerator and notice the schedule and saw August up against the higher echelon of the National League, and knew there was no way we’d finish .500…
    I think the toughness of the schedule in the last six weeks plus the trades just killed the morale of this team. The record this year doesn’t reflect what they did this year. I’m still excited for ’09.

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