Coaches, etc.

Just a couple of quick notes today.

With the hiring of pitching coach Joe Kerrigan yesterday, the Pirates have only one coaching vacancy remaining. According to the PG, the first base coach will not be Perry Hill in 2009. The distinguished infield instructor was nearly added to the coaching staff before the 2008 season, but he eventually declined due to personal issues. Those issues will keep him away from baseball again in 2009. The Pirates’ search for a first base coach continues.

Jose Tabata, Steve Pearce and Shelby Ford are hitting well in winter ball. Jamie Romak and Brian Friday are not. Chris Duffy went home. Kyle Bloom has been very solid in four starts. [link]

If you enjoy watching ex-Pirates in the postseason, you are in trouble. Matt Stairs is the only one remaining.


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  1. Tony In Erie Says:

    Not much new news for the Buccos, I guess… I found a website about stadium schemes and went into their archives…
    (Reprinted from’s 1998 archive)
    Immediately, Pirates owner Kevin McClatchy went into action. McClatchy demanded a guarantee by Dec. 21 that the [state stadium]money was coming (unlikely, as the legislature is not scheduled to reconvene until Jan. 5), warned that he would be forced to sell off young stars without a new stadium (“I don’t want to be standing here two years from now answering questions about why we have to let Jason Kendall go” [ed: HA HA HA!!!]), and threatened to sell or move the team (“We can’t be here long-term if we can’t put a competitive team on the field”)[ed:Really? Cuz it sure seems like…uh…]. Steelers ownership was less inflammatory in its criticism, and had in fact recommended to Ridge that he veto the “stealth” funding bill out of fairness to legislators…
    Not trying to be down, but that was ten years ago. Just somethin to laugh about.

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