Dejan returns

Some good news today, as Dejan Kovacevic has returned from vacation and the PG is alive with Pirates information. Dejan summarizes the team’s offseason plans in his first article. There are a couple of interesting tidbits in there.

Dejan quotes an AL executive as saying that the Pirates are looking to deal John Grabow and Ronny Paulino in addition to Jack Wilson. They seem to be having difficulty receiving much value for Paulino, which is understandable after he fell out of favor with management last season. Also, Dejan mentions that teams will be more willing to part with impact prospects for Wilson if the Pirates eat some or all of his salary. It will be very interesting to see if they are willing to do that.

Dejan will be providing a three-part series beginning this weekend on the Pirates’ work in the Dominican Republic. He recently traveled there, and should provide great insight on operations that we hope are dramatically improving.

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