Winter meetings, day 2

It does not look like much happened in Vegas after I stopped paying attention last night, at least from a Pirates perspective. Mark Loretta signed with the Dodgers, so he is no longer on the team’s radar. It is still early out west, so it’s unlikely there will be any news for at least a few hours. I will be back a bit later to check in.

12:50 PM: This just in – Jack Wilson is a jokester.

5:55 PM: The market for Jack continues to dwindle, as the Dodgers seem to have lost interest.  But Dejan confirms that the Pirates are in contact with David Eckstein’s agent, which is an indication that the team still expects to move either Wilson or Freddy Sanchez.  Eckstein has always been overrated, is on the wrong side of 30, and would be a huge defensive downgrade at short.  But he still had an on-base percentage of .343 last season, so he may not be a bad replacement option if he can be signed to an inexpensive contract.

6:20 PM: According to Dejan and John Perrotto, the Braves are inquiring about some of the Pirates’ most valuable players.  They will have to blow Neal Huntington away with an offer for anything to come of this.

7:40 PM: Jenifer Langosch of reports that Neal Huntington will meet with Doug Mientkiewicz’s agent at some point during the winter meetings.  Mientkiewicz would be a nice player to have on the bench again next year, but it will be a while before he makes any decisions.  These are probably just preliminary discussions.

12:00 AM: Via the PG, here is the audio from Huntington’s meeting with the media.  One interesting comment he made is that teams are overvaluing young prospects in the current market.  We saw that at the trade deadline, as the Pirates struggled to find appropriate value for Jason Bay and Xavier Nady.  These are not good signs for a team hoping to rebuild.

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