Winter meetings, day 3 – Paulino traded to Phillies

Dejan reports that the Pirates are interested in Marlins shortstop Robert Andino.  Andino is 24, and has seen limited time with the Marlins in each season since 2005.  He never really hit well anywhere before last season, when he posted a .287/.352/.497 line in 181 at-bats at Triple-A.  Dejan speculates that the Marlins might be interested in Ronny Paulino.

12:25 PM: Here is a nice breakdown of Nate McLouth’s financial value in 2008.

1:40 PM: It looks like another team has added a shortstop that is not named Jack Wilson.  The Orioles are expected to sign Cesar Izturis.

8:10 PM: Dejan reports that the Pirates are expecting to make a trade that Neal Huntington referred to as “something small.”  This probably will be nothing exciting, but it could give us something to talk about for a change.

8:25 PM: Here’s a scary quote from John Russell:

The team we have now, we know we can play defense. With Nyjer Morgan and Brandon Moss, we can cover a little more ground on the corners in the outfield.

I think we are going to see way too much of Nyjer Morgan next season.

8:50 PM: Could the potential minor trade mentioned by Huntington be Brian Bixler to the Marlins for Andino?

9:30 PM: The Pirates have traded Paulino to the Phillies for switch-hitting catcher Jason Jaramillo.  Jaramillo is 26, and has spent the past two years in Triple-A.  He seems to have a decent approach at the plate and little power.  He is a decent defender.  A year ago, Baseball America said that “Jaramillo can become a reliable backup in the major leagues.”  He will likely compete with Robinzon Diaz as Ryan Doumit’s primary backup.

10:25 PM: Ken Rosenthal reports that Matt Joyce, a Pirates’ target in a potential Jack to Detroit trade, has been dealt to the Rays for pitcher Edwin Jackson.

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