Michaels signs with Astros

We got some good news today, as the Astros have signed Jason Michaels to a one year, $750,000 deal. I was concerned that the Pirates might seriously be considering bringing him back, but it doesn’t appear that they had any real interest. Michaels had some huge hits for us last season, but he was very poor overall. He is the definition of a replacement level player at this point in his career, and there is no justifiable reason for giving him a major league contract. Let Ed Wade be the one to be enamored with a “solid player” who “can give you a professional at-bat in a tough situation.”  Neal Huntington can keep his focus on scoring runs.

The Pirates are also one of several clubs to show interest in non-tendered free agents Ty Wigginton and Daniel Cabrera. There should be a considerable market for each, so I wouldn’t expect the Bucs to be major players.

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