Doumit, McLouth and the broadcasting booth

Dejan reports that the Pirates are nearing a long-term deal with Ryan Doumit, while talks with Nate McLouth have slowed to the point that his agent referred to them as “close to dead.” I have mentioned before that I feel much more comfortable giving a multi-year contract to McLouth than Doumit, so I would have preferred this news to be reversed. McLouth’s skill set is more diverse than Doumit’s, and Nate does not have an injury history like that of the Pirates’ catcher. Doumit was also one of the luckiest hitters in baseball last season, so we can expect some regression.  Nevertheless, signing Doumit through his arbitration years gives the Pirates cost certainty, and I am not opposed to that at all. I just hope they are not looking at anything much longer than that.

In other news, the Pirates have hired a replacement for Lanny Frattare. Tim Neverett, formerly the Rockie’s play-by-play announcer with FSN Rocky Mountain, will be joining the broadcasting booth. Neverett has experience calling several different sports, and worked the Olympics in 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2008. He began his career doing play-by-play for the Pirates’ Double-A affiliate 23 years ago. I don’t recall ever listening to him call a game. Is there anyone that has watched the Rockies regularly that would care to comment?

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