A graphical look at the value of Pirate position players

Inspired by the folks over at Beyond the Box Score, I thought I would throw up a graph today. Using the numbers at Fangraphs, here are the win values by season for five Pirate starters who have been in the majors for at least a few years now. These numbers include both offense and defense, and account for positional difficulty.

Please note that catcher defense is not included, which would affect Ryan Doumit’s value a bit. Off the top of my head, I think John Dewan valued Doumit at -2 runs (or -0.2 wins) in 2008 in his most recent volume of The Fielding Bible. I have not gone through his methodology yet, but keep that in mind.

I included the 2005-2008 seasons.



After a quick glance at this graph, I had a few thoughts.

  • It is difficult to get a read on Freddy’s trend. IS he quickly declining each year, or was 2008 simply an injury-plagued season that he should bounce back from?
  • LaRoche has been pretty steady the past three years.
  • Jack Wilson is all over the place from year to year. Who knows what to expect from him in 2009.
  • Both McLouth and Doumit have performed very well when receiving regular playing time. Will their value continue to trend upwards, or did they peak in 2008?
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    2 Responses to “A graphical look at the value of Pirate position players”

    1. Sky Kalkman Says:

      Good stuff, Matt. From what I’ve seen, Doumit is more in the -5 to -10 run range as a defensive catcher.
      Also, I’d like to discourage looking at trends (like McLouth will continue to get better) to predict the future and instead look at a an average of the past few seasons and adjust for age.

    2. Matt Bandi Says:

      Yeah, I would agree that Doumit is worse than -2. I am looking forward to reading Dewann’s methods of determining catcher defensive value. I think he uses an adjusted CERA and adjusted SB/CS numbers. I haven’t had a chance to look at it closely yet.
      Good point about trends. We probably won’t see McLouth and Doumit turning into 10-win players by 2011.

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